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Tree care service is not just about cutting, trimming, or removing, it is more of an artwork. And we provide a tree service York, PA that adheres exactly to this idea!

Our tree company has successfully solved every tree-related problem and given a new look to gardens for years now. With our consistent service, Oath Keepers Tree Care has become the most reliable name for all types of tree services in York.

We always have a lookout for the most expert tree surgeons in the locality to join our team. By doing this and training them further, we have built this amazing team full of enthusiastic tree experts. Whatever the emergency is or whatever your desired service might be, our team will get the work done.

But don’t just rely on our words, our customer reviews will also guide you on whether to choose us or not.

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Professional Tree Service In York, PA

Keeping your trees healthy and lush becomes much easier when you leave them in the hands of professional and certified arborists. Our team consists of the finest tree specialists in the town, offering you speciality tree service in York PA. Combining the hands of professionals and the minds of artists, they give your trees just the look that you desire. This enhances the overall beauty of your house and also keeps you worry-free about your trees for years to come.

We place greater importance on the safety of our craftsmen, your trees, and your overall property. Not only that, but we also provide professional consultation on how to keep your trees greener, healthier, and lush. You get every tree care in York that you might need in one place, which is our company!


Our Professional Tree Services

Be it a residential or commercial tree service, a small backyard garden, or acres of trees, we handle every tree service York, PA with utmost care. You can enjoy our service right from the comfort of your home, and in case of emergencies regarding trees, we’ve got your back 24/7.

our Tree Removal service

Is a fallen tree blocking the path to your property or ruining the aesthetics of your home? Whatever the situation might be and however the size of the tree is, we are here to help. Our professionals provide safe and quick tree removal services. In fact, they are experts in it. So, don’t hesitate to call our tree removal service even at the oddest hours.

Tree Trimming

Trimming trees and giving them a beautiful shape is where we excel at. Some people take it as a DIY job, but it may further harm their trees or leave room for infestations. Our tree care in York is the exact opposite. We safely trim trees to not just make them look better, but also to remove any wounds or infestations and make them healthier.

Tree Cutting

Cutting a tree requires a specific set of skills and also some specialized equipment. We have both of these to safely and efficiently cut a tree, no matter how massive it might be. Our tree-cutting service includes cutting the tree, removing the trunks and roots, and clearing up the whole space. We leave nothing on the site that you might stumble upon!

Land and Bush Clearing service

Have you just moved into a house with a whole lot of dirty bushes in the backyard, or has the grass behind your place grown too long? We will clean or trim it as per your requests. Bushes are home to various insects and rodents, so make sure to take our bush-clearing service as soon as possible.


Why Choose Oath Keepers Tree Care Tree Service?

Affordable & Fair Pricing

With us, pricing will be the least of your headaches. We give a free estimation of the cost right after inspecting the situation. On top, ours is a cheap tree service, enough to keep the customers and their pockets happy. So, give us a call to get an affordable tree service York, PA.

Insured & Bonded

Some tree cuttings and removals require hazardous procedures, and accidents can occur in the course of the service. While we take measures to provide the safest service, our company is fully bonded and insured to cover any damages.

Customers Come First

Trees are our priorities, and so are our customers. We wouldn’t want to dissatisfy either of them. That’s why our team communicates with you throughout the process to ensure that you are getting the service you want. We also provide emergency tree services. We give the most importance to our customers’ wishes and once you take our service, you will find the evidence yourself.

Quick & Quality Work

A quality tree service in the quickest sessions, which homeowner would say ‘no’ to that? You wouldn’t have to miss out on your work or any events just because of a tree emergency; most of our services take up less than a day.

About York, PA

In the south side of Pennsylvania lies York, also called the White Rose City. The 14km2 of land is occupied by more than 44,000 of people coming from diverse races and ethnicities. The city serves as the pivot point of industrial and agricultural revolution of the state. The York State Fair is arguably the world’s oldest fair. Other than these, the city is also known for its musical, theatrical, and artistic venues.


When should I consider removing a tree? 

Any tree that is at risk of falling or leaning towards your property needs to be removed. Some symptoms might be excessive leaning, roots decaying, dead branches, and cracks in the trunk.

Will my insurance cover the removal of a risky tree?

The insurance policy for a tree removal differs depending upon causes like why you want to remove that tree or how risky the tree is to your property. If you are considering tree removal as a safety measure, you might have to pay for the service on your own.

Can I prune or trim trees by myself?

It is better to leave the pruning or trimming of a tree in the hand of a professional since you might harm yourself or the tree in the process while doing it on your own. Random and blunt cuts can cause shock to your tree.
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