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Why DIY Tree Removal is a Bad Idea: Why You Should Leave it to the Professionals?

Why DIY Tree Removal is a Bad Idea - Why You Should Leave it to the Professionals

Tree removal needs a lot of protocols and steps to follow. Few are legal works if it’s regarding big trees in public places. 

DIY tree removal is a good concept when the tree is small. Additionally, when you’ve enough materials to manage medium-height trees. 

Those’ve further thoughts before deciding to DIY, and follow some protocols to avoid any unfortunate happening. Yet, DIY tree removal always radiates a negative vibe. 

But why DIY tree removal is a bad idea

Because big tree removal has the possibility of ripping off from the ground and causing accidents. Huge support, technology, time, and experienced workers are required for this. Again, ripping off trees from the ground need extra care and professionals to maintain the natural characteristics. 

This article highlights the deleterious effects of DIY tree removal. It further discusses the necessity of leaving the work to the professionals.

What are the Effects of DIY Tree Removal?

Considering cost and time, you must think of DIY tree removal often. Though the thought sounds interesting, the effects are mostly adverse. Some of the bad effects of DIY tree removal are discussed here-

Sudden Accidents

Common sense talks about bird nests and bee hives in the tree. Professionals keep everything in consideration when they start removing trees. However, if you DIY, you have vast chances of avoiding such factors. 

For instance, if bee hives break, you’ll be attacked by bees, and in the meantime, the tree rips off. The spooky scenario is beyond imagination. 

Lack of Equipment

When tree removal is not your job, it is evident that you lack equipment. Just a chainsaw can’t help you remove the tree. You can break it after hours of trial, but it won’t be managed properly. 

The consequences of lack of equipment can be vulnerable. Especially when the tree is near any power line. A direct fall of a broken tree can cause long-term electrical damage in this case. 

Professionals are usually in contract with tree removal company.  Thus they are well-equipped and trained to handle any situation. 

Legal Issues

Often during winter and monsoon, out of fear of falling trees, you decide to DIY. This violates the law. Because when a tree is removed, they are officially counted and worn a tag number. But if the tree is in your yard, it’s under your authority

Some artists work with the lowest part of the trees. They have their way of ripping it off from the ground. Aesthetic works are done with that part, and ripping off needs extra equipment and care.

The whole process is a little time-consuming and expensive, and so has legal activity. Playing with the officials won’t bring any good, so better handing off to the professionals. 

Is Leaving the Tree Removal Work to Professionals a good Idea?

Yes, because they are experienced workers and trained to work with equipment. The professionals surely know the kind of trees and how they are removed. 

Experienced brains plan the whole process, barricade the area for safety, and do the job. They use modern and heavy equipment and try to complete the work without causing unwanted issues.

However, professionals working under contract have precise time-management skills. The supervisor ensures the work is finished in the allotted time and charges no further cost. 

Reading the aforementioned factors, you must know the effect of DIY tree removal. There can be harmful consequences if big trees are removed without the help of professionals.

There are several accident cases caused due to recklessness. Moreover, contact the professionals if you notice any dead or half-broken trees caused by natural disasters.

While you are at it, make the best decision in your favor. Till then, adios!

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